stilo tattoo pen Thomas Carli Jarlier 4.2 signature


Nominal Voltage: 9V
Recommended imput voltage: 5/9V
Power Consumption: 8,5W
Needle exit adjustment: 4,5mm
Stroke: 4,2mm
Weight: 130gr
Dimensions: 115mm x 25mm


The Stilo comes with three different interchangeable and autoclavable handles. Two are made of aluminum and other one made of steel with different shapes and sizes to meet all the needs of the artist. In addition, the box includes a Sunskin RCA 1,90mt cord.


After several months in the making, we are finally happy to release the new 4.2 TCJ Signature Pen.
This pen offers a long stroke: 4,2mm, which allows intense saturation no matter the placement you are tattooing on the body. This is what makes this machine not only perfect for color packing but also for black and grey work, for details and soft shading.
The machine is assembled with a new 9 V motor which gives the machine more power and stability at lower voltage. This helps minimize redness and damage to the skin and leads to better final healed result.

The machine is compatible with battery packs. It has been tested with the Sunskin Battery pack reaching great performance duration. The lower voltage range will prolong your battery charge during the tattoo process.

This pen is the result of several years of exploring different types of machines, strokes, voltage settings, needles, that brought me to understand what were the qualities I was looking for this pen.
My recommendation is to use the machine between 5V and 7V, but if you need to use it at a higher voltage the machine can go up to 9v. I do recommend to use the machine with 0.30mm needles for the best healed results and also lower voltage to be able to feel better the vibration of the skin and its density. Don’t forget, in the art of tattooing, we have to work with the skin and not against it.

If you like to combine machines during your work, I advise to use the TCJ Signature with 3.4mm stroke. This combo will let you work with 2 different feels and style.

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