Stilo Tattoo Pen Thomas Carli Jarlier 3.4 signature


Nominal Voltage: 12V
Recommended imput voltage: 5/13V
Power Consumption: 8,5W
Needle exit adjustment: 3,7mm
Stroke: 3,4mm
Weight: 130gr
Dimensions: 115mm x 25mm

The Stilo comes with three different interchangeable and autoclavable handles. Two are made of aluminum and other one made of steel with different shapes and sizes to meet all the needs of the artist. In addition, the box includes a Sunskin RCA 1,90mt cord.

Add Wireless Power Supply with a good deal

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Add Wireless Power Supply with a good deal

The Sunskin Stilo pen Thomas Carli Jarlier signature is a hard hitting machine, concieved to drive maximum pigment into the skin thus to achieve solid saturation through minimal amount of passes. The saturation is ensured by its high rate puncture mechanics. As a result trauma to the skin is reduced which allows easier and faster healing and diminishes skin redness during the tattoo process.

We chose 3,4 mm stroke for its versatility: it works for colour, black and grey, and opaque grey renders.

As a result of long trials WE are ready to propose you a machine with those characteristics to make it the perfect tool for a polyvalent tattoo artist.

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