Rocket cartridge THOMAS CARLI JARLIER 07RS 0,30 XLT


Sunskin Tattoo Equipment launches on the market a new special line of cartridges ideal for every tattoo style. They have been designed by the one who is currently one of the most prominent artists of the international scene, Thomas Carli Jarlier. These tattoo cartridges mount a type of needle with a diameter of 0.30, texturized and extra long taper. These features allow the needle to penetrate easier than a regular long taper, causing minimal stress to the skin and allowing a significant shorter healing time. Furthermore the texture allows to retain a greater amount of ink speeding up the work session of the tattoo artist.

Sold in 10 pcs box.


The new generation compatible needle cartridge ROCKET is the latest product exclusively distributed by Sunskin Tattoo Equipment. High quality disposable cartridges with protective membrane. This system makes it safer and allows you to always maintain the right tension and strength even after a long time of work. The tip of the cartridge is transparent, providing better visibility and control while working. Assembled with great precision and high quality control. Every single needle is inspected under x200 microscope and only the best needles pass the selection process. Sterilized with EtO Gas and packed individually in blister.

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