Sunskin Concept Wireless Tattoo Pen


Nominal Voltage: 6 Volts DC
*Recommended imput voltage: 7 / 10 Volts DC
Power Consumption: 9 W (MAX)
Needle exit adjustment: 4,4 mm
Stroke: 4 mm
Weight: 120 gr whit RCA - 170 gr whit battery
Dimensions with RCA: 108 mm X 40 mm
Dimensions whit battery: 143 mm X 40 mm


Voltage range:
4 V - 12 V
1800 mAh
7 h

*May vary depending on the quality and hardness of the cartridge used

Available also in the version with buttons positioned on the top of the battery.

Comes with 2 different interchangeable handles. In addition, the box includes a RCA connector, a Wireless Battery, a RCA cable 1,90mt and battery charging cable.


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Sunskin introduces you the new CONCEPT, a completely out of the ordinary Wireless Tattoo Pen that projects the company into the future with an increasingly autonomous and revolutionary construction concept.

The machine has an housing made with high-precision additive technology with carbon-filled technical material, very resistant and perfect for metal replacement. Hidden there are parts made of high quality ergal and titanium which are already widely used and appreciated in the STILO model. It is driven by an electronic brushless Faulhaber motor that allows the maximum torque (force) even at very low voltages.

In addition to being light and perfectly balanced both with RCA attack and with Battery, this machine amazes for its ease of use, for its perfect continuity of stroke and its excellent ratio between hardness and cushioning. Thanks to its mechanics that allows it to work with a very wide voltage range, it is suitable for carrying out any type of work, outlinings, shadings and color packing.

The choice of a production with high-precision additive technology allows the company to almost completely free itself from the external production chain, avoiding an increase in costs due to the production of pieces, finishing, transport and large quantities of waste material depending on traditional production. All these steps have been eliminated with a consequent economic saving that is reflected on the final price of the product to the customer and leading to -80% of environmental impact in terms of pollution.

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