Stilo Tattoo Pen pearly pink


Nominal Voltage: 12V
Recommended imput voltage: 5/13V
Power Consumption: 8,5W
Needle exit adjustment: 4,3mm
Stroke: 4mm
Weight: 130gr
Dimensions: 115mm x 25mm

The Stilo comes with three different interchangeable and autoclavable handles. Two are made of aluminum and other one made of steel with different shapes and sizes to meet all the needs of the artist. In addition, the box includes a Sunskin RCA 1,90mt cord.

Add Wireless Power Supply with a good deal

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Add Wireless Power Supply with a good deal

This tattoo pen It’s made of solid Aluminum alloy, finished with the most modern anodizing treatments which enhance its shape and color. The core of the machine hides an innovative and patented mechanism made of titanium which gives the machine an easy-understanding slightly soft hit, even for anyone who have never tried this type of machine. This new mechanic together with a top quality made in Germany motor, lends this precious machine to be accurate and silent with a very minimum vibrations. The quality and solidity of the materials of the Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Pen let the machine to be highly refined with best and durable performance for making easily outlines, shadings and color fillings in the various tattoo styles.

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