sunskin solid evo samuele briganti special edition


-Input Voltage: 5 - 9 Volts DC
-Motor: 9 Volts – 8,5 Watt
-RPM Range: 0-8,000 RPM/min
-Stroke Length: 4 mm
-Weight: C.A. 115 gr
-Dimensions: lenght 105 x width 26 x height 57 mm
-Connection: Clip Cord and RCA combined


From SOLID EVO and the now consolidated partnership between Sunskin and Samuele Briganti, a world-famous artist known for his unique old school style, comes the SOLID EVO SAMUELE BRIGANTI SPECIAL EDITION, a variant with a 4 mm stroke customised by numerous details that make it truly unique. The machine is particularly light, with its aluminium body and steel and carbon components. Equipped with combined Clip Cord attachment and RCA connector.

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