ready aluminum

Ready aluminum is fitted exclusively coils as shown in the photo, brass bindings and silver contact screw. its weight is 180 gr.


-Liner: 5 to 11 RL
-Shader: 7 to 14 M/RS


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A top seller model of our coil machine series has been crafted with a solid and light material as the aluminum alloy. The Ready Aluminum has been created with its hot finish, tube vice with frontal thumb screw and a lighter weight compared to the variant made of Brass. Same as the Sunskin coil machine series, it can be assembled for Lining, Shading or Coloring. The mechanical part makes the difference. The liner has 10 wrap coils while the shader and color machine has 12 wrap coils. Several combinations of springs and armature bars together with coils are crucial to obtain the different tunings.

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