Disposable grip 34mm for Bishop Tattoo Pen - 10 PCS -

TERRA disposable grip for Tattoo Pen made from a fully biodegradable material. This grip represents an ecological innovation in the field of tattooing, offering a sustainable solution for tattoo artists.

Microbiologically pure

Compostable 100% within 7 - 10 weeks

Compatible with Bishop Tattoo Pen

10 PCS



The disposable grip is made from a bioplastic derived from renewable sources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. This makes the grip completely biodegradable, helping to reduce the environmental impact associated with waste generated in the tattoo industry.

Furthermore, the disposable grip comes in a special packaging made of PE-LD plastic. This packaging is intelligently designed as it can be easily cut and used as grip and pen covers. This means that not only is the disposable grip biodegradable, but the plastic packaging can also be reused, minimizing waste.

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