Small-V - Evolution - iron - 2013 - pre owned

Finally with high demand, it is now active the market of pre-owned machines. We now consider to get back and evaluate pre-owned Sunskin tattoo machines, if the machine is well kept. Once collected, we check it and service it, changing all the parts that need to. You have now the chance to get a fully functional pre-owned tattoo machine, guaranteed by Sunskin, at a good price!


-Linea: 5 to 9 RL


New coils, armature bar, springs and polished bindings.

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THE SMALL-V IS THE RESULT MERGING TOGETHER THE OLD STYLE OF THE ROUND BACK JONES AND THE MODERN STYLE OF OUR BIG-V. The Small-V Evolution Iron is a tattoo machine with frame obtained from a single block of iron and its weight is 220 gr. Each tattoo machine can be assembled and set up for lining and shading. The mechanical part makes the difference. The liner has 10 wrap coils while the shader machine has 12 wrap coils. Several combinations of springs and armature bars together with coils are crucial to obtain the different tunings. This new variant, thanks to the weight and small size, is lighter, more compact and balanced.

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