Stilo Dea Pen for permanent make-up


Nominal Voltage: 12V
Recommended imput voltage: 5/13V
Power Consumption: 8,5W
Needle exit adjustment: 3mm
Stroke: 2,5mm
Weight: 130gr
Dimensions: 115mm x 25mm

The Stilo comes with three different interchangeable and autoclavable handles. Two are made of aluminum and other one made of steel with different shapes and sizes to meet all the needs of the artist. In addition, the box includes a Sunskin RCA 1,90mt cord.

Add Wireless Power Supply with a good deal

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Add Wireless Power Supply with a good deal

The Dea Tattoo Pen has been specifically designed and manufactured for professionals working in the field of permanent make-up.
Furtherly, unlike the classic dermographers, this machine with the concept of the already tested Sunskin Tattoo Pen, easily allows the performance of artistic tattoos.

Stilo Dea


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